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Support Services

I offer a variety of support services personalized for each client. Depending on when you hire me, I provide evidence based guidance on everything from nutrition support and exercise to creating your envisioned birth and postpartum care plan.


Childbirth Education

Informative and Evidence Based 

Discover your envisioned birth and learn about your options during the journey.  Learn about pain management and breathing techniques, discover your ideal labour and birth environment, learn about labour and birth positions, learn about breastfeeding and baby care.

Birthkeeper ( Birth Doula)

Offering Birth Support

Package includes: 

*2 childbirth education classes 
*24/7 on call period and ready to support you/partner during your birth, arriving when you feel support is needed and staying approximately 2 hrs after delivery.
*1 postpartum care visit will be scheduled after the arrival of your newborn where I will be a knowledgeable companion assisting in light duties and provide the resources needed on the new journey into parenthood.

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Postpartum Support

Daytime Support

This package is ideal for the new parents who have a stable support network but desire a little time to rest, recover, and spend some quality time with their new baby, older children, or partner.  Telephone, text, and online support is available to ensure I can support you as questions and needs arise.

Package includes: 20 hours of day-time support over the course of 4-6 weeks (For example: 5 x 4 hour visits)       

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