Reasons To Hire A Doula

A doula is an experienced professional who is trained to support a pregnant person during their pregnancy and in labor. By providing continuous physical and emotional support before, during and just after birth the laboring person may feel safe, heard and that their journey is unique and important.

As your doula, I will comfort you. I will hold space for you and listen to what it is you need during your pregnancy and then during your birth. With little pep talks, massages, varied laboring positions ( I'm trained with Spinning Babies) and relaxation techniques, I will help you connect to your body so that you work towards having the birth that you envision.

Studies show that there is a decrease in cesarean sections and interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction, and episiotomies when a doula is present. If it is right for you, I can help with natural pain management techniques often times eliminating the use of pain medications. My grounding presence alone can bring a tremendous amount of relief.

As your Doulas, I help your partner feel equipped with the tools they need to support you. And when I am with you, it allows them to take a step back to rest and refuel, without any guilt attached of leaving you alone. This can help your support person focus on the beautiful celebration of becoming a new parent. Having an extra pair of hands makes a big difference to a mother's comfort and pain levels.

As your doula it is important to me that you are informed with evidence based information that you can you use to make the decisions you need with the choices you have. Your body, your birth. I will teach you the importance of using the B.R.A.I.N. acronym for your decision making. What is the Benefit? What is the Risk? What is my Alternative? What does my Intuition (gut) say? What if I do Nothing at all ( what if I wait)? I will help you learn to advocate for your birth choices and ensure you are supported in doing so.

Postpartum support with a Doula can mean less anxiety and experience of the "baby blues" because the new parent has learned about what this time period can look like. If it is right for you, there are studies linking more successful breastfeeding/chestfeeding because of the support nearby. Just having someone to talk to and help those first few days after giving birth can help a new mother in so many ways. I am here for you Heart to Heart.


Doula with Heart to Heart Doula Care

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