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Pregnant woman in nature

Heart to Heart


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Holding Space

Heart to Heart

I am a Sacred Story Keeper holding space for pregnant folks to ensure they feel safe, comfortable and knowledgeable during pregnancy, birth and feel confident into parenthood.

I approach birth holistically. I support your body and your choices.

As well as a physical support during labor, my role is also to act as an advocate for the birthing person and their family.

From childbirth education classes all the way

through to postpartum support, I am here

Heart to Heart.

Contact me to find out more.

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Noreen is amazing!!  Very organized and she thoroughly educates and prepares you for any type of birth.  She was so supportive of me and my husband every step of the way!

Casey MacDonald Cole

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“A truly great doula is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.” Ladies, if this is what you’re looking for, stop! This is Noreen; a truly great doula.

My husband and I have had the pleasure of bringing two of our four babies into this world with Noreen on our team. My only regret is that I didn’t have her there during my first two pregnancies; we hadn’t yet heard of Noreen as we lived in Calgary during my first pregnancy and in Kelowna with the second. She is the first (and only) doula we have ever worked with. In my first two pregnancies, I pretty much went through them alone; my husband was just my water boy. I didn’t know how to have him help me or that I even wanted him to help me. However, in the third pregnancy, Noreen gave us techniques that allowed Luke to physically help me go through each transition of labor into the delivery phase—and together we brought our baby boy into this world. Noreen completed my “team” and I knew I would never go through another pregnancy without her. We contacted Noreen again shortly after we found out I was pregnant with our fourth. Throughout that pregnancy Noreen was my rock. A source of knowledge, strength, and encouragement, a fellow mom, and a friend. Then came delivery day. My midwife didn’t make it in time for the delivery; she arrived about 3 minutes later. It was the most amazing experience!! We didn’t expect that I would progress as quickly as I did. But Noreen remained calm and confident. I felt safe and secure in my team. And together we brought our baby girl into this world. Noreen revealed a strength in me I didn’t know was there. I KNOW it would never have been the same without Noreen.

K. Mohr

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Noreen assisted my husband and I with our first birth. She provided us with so many great and useful resources and information in the prenatal stage that thoroughly helped to prepare us for labor and delivery, along with the postpartum period.
Noreen was in constant contact with us in the days and weeks leading up to labor. She attended our home when I entered the active phase of labor and didn’t leave my side until after our baby was born, over 25 hours later. Having Noreen with us in labor and delivery truly made our birth experience. We originally planned for a home birth but were transferred to the hospital after labor stopped progressing. It was wonderful to have Noreen stay with us through the transfer of care and to have one consistent person with us throughout our journey. Her knowledge in spinning babies techniques assisted us in spinning my baby into the correct position which ultimately allowed us to proceed with a vaginal birth instead of a cesarean.
Noreen’s supportive and caring demeanor was so important to us in our birth adventure. My husband continually tells me that he can’t imagine having done this without Noreen, let alone a doula. we can not recommend her services enough. We will absolutely have her support us in our second pregnancy and birth!

Erin Lee Katherine

Home: Testimonials

After working with Noreen as our pregnancy, labour/delivery, and post-partum doula, I wouldn't even consider going through another pregnancy without her!!! The wealth of information and resources she provided in the weeks leading up to the birth was so incredibly helpful; my partner and I felt wholly prepared for the big day and beyond. Her calm presence, the emotional and physcal support, and knowledgeable assistance she provided over more than 18hrs of labor made such a positive impact on not only me, but my partner as well. She was a welcome spirit in our home during such an intense time, and she gave me strength when I was worried I couldn't go on. In the days and weeks after the incredible, natural birth of our daughter, Noreen provided a whole next level of care: bringing meals for my family, facilitating my recovery, and providing unbiased advice and compassion to this overwhelmed mom. Noreen was an absolute blessing - thank you!!!

Kelly Johnston-Hill

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As a first time expecting father, I am not sure what I would have done without Noreen there. From the pre birth meetings and preparation to post birth support and advice I wouldn't want go through it without her.  Being shown how to support my wife and what I could to help with her comfort during labour made me much more relaxed through out the entire process.

J. Hill

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Noreen was very supportive and informative during our journey. We were able to complete our prenatal classes in our own home, around my husband's difficult work schedule. This was so important as we wanted to make sure both of us were getting the information but we couldn't do that with the typical class schedules of other programs. Having one on one classes with Noreen helped us get more comfortable and meant we could ask as many questions as we needed. I highly recommend her services.

N. Burant

Home: Testimonials
Pregnant woman in nature


Proudly serving Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Morinville, Leduc, Beaumont, Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Wabamun Drayton Valley, Evansburg and Surrounding Areas


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